Policy Research and Consulting

  1. The Learning Route: Building a Vibrant Goat Sector in India
  2. Building  A Vibrant Goat Sector: Approach Paper for Vision 2030
  3. Support To State Extension Programmes For Extension Reforms (ATMA)
  4. Support to Central Institutes/ DoE’’ under Sub Mission on Agricultural Extension (SMAE)
  5. Policy Analysis and Policy Dialogue on Development and Scaling-up of Value Chain Initiatives – Findings from North Eastern and Himalayan Region in India
  6. A Study of the Goat Value Chain in Banswara and Dungarpur, Rajasthan
  7. Goat Value Chain in Jharkhand
  8. Industry Assessment of Wheat Roller Flour Mills for Fortification
  9. Transforming the Goat Sector in Odisha, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh: A Strategic Road Map
  10. Structure Conduct Performance of the Onion Value Chain in India
  11. Comparative Assessment of Table and Processed Potato Value Chains in India
  12. Analysis of Ginger Value Chain in Bhutan
  13. Analysis of Large Cardamom Value Chain In Bhutan
  14. Agriculture Sector Policy Assessment in Uttar Pradesh, India
  15. Strategy for intervention in the goat sector in Bihar and Odisha
  16. Enabling Factors for Developing Inclusive Value Chains for High Value Agriculture: Findings from Existing Models of Farmer Collectives in Maharashtra
  17. Rice Value Chains in Bangladesh
  18. Assessing the Agribusiness Environment in Selected States of India
  19. Center for Organic Farming – Uttaranchal Organic Commodity Board: An Evaluation Report
  20. Exploring options for developing inclusive agricultural value chains in Maharashtra

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