Recent Projects

Project Name

Value Chain specialist in the evaluation team of Mid-Term Review of MPOWER (Mitigating Poverty in Western Rajasthan) Project.

Center for Organic Farming: Uttaranchal Organic Commodity Board Evaluation Report

Approaches for Developing Inclusive Value Chains: Findings from Maharashtra

Technical Alliance with IHDA (Indian Horticulture Development Alliance) Project funded by USAID

Market study of Newcastle disease vaccine for the backyard poultry sector

Comparative study on Organic Certification Requirements (Government Regulations) in the Asia Region

Innovative Examples in Livestock Sector

Case study of commercial goat farm from Maharashtra

Case study of organic dairy farm Rajasthan

Case study of Poultry Farm in Rajasthan

Impact evaluation of the USAID funded Strengthening Agricultural Market Systems (SAMS) Project


The objective of the Mission was to review the progress of the project, assess realistically what would be achievable in the remaining implementation period and recommend changes in the design and investment in the project for the project to complete successfully meeting the project objectives.

To develop a strategy for future direction of SRTT funding for organic farming activities in the state, based on an a comprehensive assessment of the investments in the earlier programs (Center for Organic Farming (COF- I and II)).

Understanding the functioning of value chains for the key crops (cotton and grapes) from the perspective of identifying interventions for developing inclusive value chains.

Developing horticulture value chains for specific crops (Mango, Banana, Grapes, Pineapple and Pomegranates) in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Identifying alternate approaches for setting up value chains for Newcastle disease vaccine for the backyard poultry sector based on detailed demand and supply analysis.

Detailed comparative analysis of organic certification requirements in 8 major organic exporting countries of Asia with the objective of harmonizing requirements across for smoother trade flow of organic produce in the region.

With increasing emphasis on commercial goat farming driven by high demand and quality issues, the case study presents the details of the operations of a successful commercial goat farm from India.

Rosebay Agro Farms has successfully demonstrated the adoption of organic practices on a dairy farm operations started as microenterprise, which is now commercially established and certified organic dairy farm in Rajasthan.

A case study of Shah Nawaz Poultry Farm presents the successful journey from subsistence livelihood to business entrepreneurship in desert areas of Rajasthan in India.

Conducted detailed impact analysis in consultation with all stakeholders





Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana

Desk study in consultation with international experts




Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh


International Fund for Agricultural Development

HimmothanPariyojana, Sir Ratan Tata Trust

International Fund for Agricultural Development

Michigan State University

GALVmed-Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines, UK

GOMA-Global Organic Market Access (A project of FAO, IFOAM and UNCTAD)

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (UNFAO)

Michigan State University