Introducing CASPL

Goat-herder with his mobile phone
Goat-herder with his mobile phone

CASPL was formed to play a catalyzing role in the ongoing agricultural revolution from traditional to modern farming practices with emphasis on issues of inclusiveness and sustainability.

India is in the midst of an agricultural revolution whereby modern farming systems meeting international quality norms are emerging alongside traditional agricultural systems. Many new concepts of agriculture are emerging – warehouse receipts, cold chains, logistics, multi-commodity exchanges, rural business hubs, GLOBALGAP/organic certification, agriculture and food parks etc.

In the emerging agricultural situation, farmers have multiple options for sale of agricultural commodities along with traditional markets, which were earlier not available – sale to processors and retailers, commodity exchanges, export markets etc.

Many agribusinesses have invested in modern farming systems to meet quality requirements for agricultural exports, processing, marketing and retailing.

Farmers’ benefit from modern farming systems characterized by better co-ordination of farm activities - access to quality inputs, information about modern production techniques, harvesting and post harvest management, processing and marketing.

Recognizing the benefits of improved farming systems for quality of produce and productivity along with implications for farm incomes, government sector, donor agencies and NGO's are partnering to engage in upgrading traditional agricultural systems through innovative approaches of multi-party projects.

Many creative efforts will be required to ensure that the revolution is inclusive and does not bypass small and marginal farmers.

CASPL will contribute to these endeavors by providing technical support, network, resources combined with out of the box thinking to identify successful practices and models on the ground