Areas of Expertise

We have extensive experience in working across a wide range of agriculture and livestock sectors. Our strength in these sectors derives from a clear understanding of the issues at the ground level, awareness about the latest developments in these sectors in India and other countries, which enable us to identify efficient solutions based on interaction with all stakeholders. Our work emphasizes issues of inclusiveness, sustainability and role of women in agriculture and allied activities. Our areas of specialization include:


Increase productivity

Addressing Issues in Field Crop Production

Horticultural Produce
Traditional Marketing of Horticultural Produce

Horticultural Crops strengthening traditional and modern value chains


Modern Wholesale Market - Bangkok
Sale of Fresh Produce Through Supermarkets




Preparing vermicompost
Preparing Vermicompost

Support to Organic Farming Sector


Traditional Dairy Farming
Traditional Dairy Farming

Strengthen Dairy farming Small scale and Large Scale Operations



Traditional and Commercial
Commercial Goat Farm

Development of Sheep and Goat Sector Traditional and Commercial



Semi Commercial Poultry Farm
Semi Commercial Poultry Farm

Semi/Commercial Poultry Farming (Broiler and Layer)



Backyard poultry sector
Backyard Poultry in Rural Livelihood

Development of Backyard poultry sector